Sunday, January 1, 2012

おいしい関西- What Perth needs from Japan パースに持っていきたい日本の“食“

明けましておめでとうございます。 Happy New Year!

What Perth needs from Japan – Top 3

第1位 お好み焼き /  No 1. – Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki  should blend in nicely with the Australian BBQ culture. I wonder if endorsement of 1,000 people would be enough to convince Chibo (or other major Okonomiyaki chain) to come to Perth

第2位 おいしいラーメン / No.2 Ramen
There are a few ramen shops in Perth but it is not enough. I wish a ramen shop with passion come to Perth to spread ramen culture. Of course, with gyoza as a side dish.

Japanese bakery café. There is at least one bakery style café at every shopping centres/arcade in Japan. You can choose a wide range of freshly baked bread from curry bread, sausage to melon or red-bean bread and coffee at a bakery café.

番外編:ミスター・ドーナツ / Others: Mister Donut

Krispy Crèmeも良いけれど、パースにミスター・ドーナツがあればうれしくなる。品揃えの細かさにパースでも人気がでるかも。
It would be nice to see Mister Donut in Perth. Mister Donut’s wide range of product offering will surely capture the Perth market.

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