Tuesday, January 10, 2012

シティのサンドイッチ - Schmears

最近旅行が続きブログが世界グルメ紀行状態だったので、気持ちを切り替えパースでのグルメ調査を再開。高い、まずい、サービスが悪いと悲しくも3拍子揃った所の多いリスキーなシティのサンドイッチ。おいしいサンドイッチを求めてTartin cafeが正月休みだった間はSt Georges TerraceのSchmearsへ。

This blog was becoming a world gourmet diary lately but I am finally back to explore "oishi" in Perth. Sandwich options in the City area are notorious for being low in price, quality and service. The risk is high. I resorted to Schmears on St Georges Terrace while Tartin cafe is closed for the New Year.


People line up after 12pm. Sandwiches are made to order and fillings such as salad are all fresh. Price is relatively reasonable compared to other stores who sell pre-prepared sandwiches at high prices. It is worth exploring ultimate filling.

Perhaps sanwiches here are like Onigiri in Japan.


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