Sunday, January 22, 2012

パース一のマレーシア料理 - Ria

ずっと行きたかったLeederville のRia Authentic Malaysian Restaurant.  Oxford streetの 市営駐車場のすぐ横にある地味な見かけの小さな店。マレーシア料理ファンの1人として、本格マレー料理が味わえるRiaは貴重な存在だ。
I always wanted to go to Ria Authentic Malaysian Restaurant. The humble looking restaurant is located near the City of Vincent car park on Oxford Street. Ria is a must-go-to place for Malaysian food lovers.

平日でもお店は満席。リーズナブルな価格とボリュームある本格マレーシア料理に大感激。人気があるはずだ。カレー類も充実しているがサテーとEggplant saladが特においしかった。
The restaurant is usually full even on the weeknights. The price is very reasonable and the food is really authentic Malaysian. No wonder the restaurant has been popular for quite some time. There is a range of curries that are worth trying. My favourites are satay and eggplant salad.


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