Sunday, January 15, 2012


East PerthのTerrace Road沿いにあるCrown Plaza hotel内のGustiはかなり前からあるが、知らない人も多い。近くのハイアットなどに比べて華やかさに欠けるホテルなのでつい見過ごされがちだが、テラス席もあり、サービスもフレンドリー、7日営業なので、日曜にランチをかねてゆっくり話をしたい時に便利。
Gusti is located in the Crown Plaza hotel on Terrace Road, East Perth. The restaurant has been there ever since I can remember. People could pass by without noticing as the hotel doesn't attract as much attention as Hyatt would, however Gusti is worth remembering as an option for Sunday lunch, when you want to have a good conversation in a quiet environment. Gusti is open 7 days a week, offers friendly services and has a nice terrace area.
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お勧めメニューはメニューに載っていないClubhouse sandwich。お願いしたら作ってくれる。今日は2段重ねのパニーニだったが、前回はClubhouse sandwichらしい三角型食パンだった。
My favourite is their "clubhouse sandwich". It is not listed on the menu but is available on request. It came in a double decker panini form today.


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