Saturday, September 3, 2011

おいしいシンガポール - East Coast Seafood

Only 4.5 hrs flight from Perth, visitor friendly Singapore offers diverse food culture.

地元のシーフード・レストラン数件が店を構えるEast Coast ParkのEast Coast Seafood センター。中でもJumbo Seafood restaurantは1987年にセンター内に開店し、一度に1200人まで対応できる人気店。
Several major local seafood restaurants are located in the East Coast Seafood Centre in East Coast Park, Singapore. Jumbo Seafood restaurant opened its store in 1987 and can serve up to 1,200 diners at once.

You need to go in a large group to try Jumbo's signature dishes - chili crab and black pepper crab.
Use your hand to eat these local delight, it will taste much better.

The best dish of the night was huge tiger prawns.
Although I was hit by red hot chili hidden in the chili crab, it was one of the most enjoyable night I had in Singapore. Great company, quality seafood and outdoor dining - a magic mix for the pleasant evening.


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