Tuesday, September 20, 2011

チョコレート・カフェ-Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

カーテン大学近くのWaterford Shopping Centre内のチョコレート・ラウンジ。マレーシアの支店を見てマレーシアのチョコ・ラウンジだと勝手に思い込んだ自分が恥ずかしい。実はメルボルン発のチョコレート店だった。

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is located in Waterford Shopping Centre near Curtin University. I am feeling a bit embrassed as I thought this is a Malaysian brand as I went to its Malaysian store in KL before I found out about the history of the store. It has actually started in Melbourne, Australia.

川南に住む人は、Claremont のKoko Blackまで行くのが面倒な際に丁度良い。Koko Blackの豪華さはないが、チョコレートが食べたい、という気分が確実に満たされる。

It is a good option for those who live in the South of the River, particularly when you cannot be bothered to travel to Koko Black in Claremont. The shop is not as luxurious as Koko Black but it will fix your craing for chocolates.


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