Wednesday, September 7, 2011

おいしいシンガポール2 - Oscar's at Conrad

和食も含め多様な料理が簡単に楽しめるシンガポールは、ビュッフェ天国でもある。特にホテル滞在中は朝・昼とビュッフェが続いてしまうことも。日曜のSunday brunchは是非一度試してみたい。FullertonのSunday brunchはよく評判を耳にする。
Singapore, famous for its food diversity, is a buffet heaven. It is not unusual to have breakfast and lunch buffet in one day particularly if you are staying in a hotel. Sunday brunch is also popular among Singaporeans (Fullerton is renowned for its Sunday brunch).

My vote for the best dish in Singapore this time goes to Caesar salad at Oscar's at Conrad. Cos lettuce are dressed in a huge parmesan cheese barrel. Food is a way above buffet quality and offer many options including entree, salad, main, noodle bar, desert and a selection of cheese.

詳細は下記の通り。See below for details.

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