Sunday, August 28, 2011

新シティ・カフェ - The Bucket

Hay StreetとWolf Lane (カントリー・ロード・カフェの裏側に続く)に続くアーケードの角のブティックがいつの間にか格好よいカフェに変わっていた。

A small boutique in the back alley of Wolf Lane has been converted to the Bucket - a new little cafe with style.

The vibrant cafe, constantly packed with officer workers, offers quality cafe food such as muffins, panini, quiche and salads. With great services and reasonable price, the Bucket will be a new star in the area in no time.

テーブル数は少ないが、絶対に人気がでるはず。Wolf Lane周辺はTiger Tiger, Country Road cafe, King St Cafe と使えるカフェのメッカになってきた。
Wolf Lane is becoming a mecca for quality cafes with popular names like Tiger Tiger, Country Road cafe and  King St Cafe.


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