Monday, August 30, 2010

さわやかカフェ- Toast

Toast Caféは海岸沿いにあってもおかしくない雰囲気のさわやかカフェ。East Perthの川沿い、Royal StreetとPlain Streetの角の階段を下りてすぐ右にある。カジュアルな店内だが、客層は近くのオフィス客や住人らしき人達が多い。天気の良い日は特に気持ちいい。




Toast is a Beach-style café in East Perth canal area near the corner of Royal street and Plain street. A casual cafe is frequented by office workers and trendy East Perth residents. It is particularly comfortable/popular on a sunny day.

Despite its casual beachy décor, Toast café offers extensive menu based on sandwich variation and crepes. I had an open rye sandwich with smoke salmon, avocado, tomato salsa and egg. The sandwich was carefully layered to enable you to taste all ingredients at once.

See above for further details.

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