Friday, August 20, 2010

豪華チャイニーズ -Dragon Palace

中国系の同僚に誘われ、NorthbridgeのFrancis Streetにある大きなレストラン、Dragon Palaceの飲茶に行った。店内は何となくきらびやかでWaiting Loungeの家具も豪華。手土産コーナーもありChineseレストランにきた感じがする。

今のところ、チャイニーズ系友人らの飲茶ランキングはNorthbridge RestaurantとDragon Palace派に分かている。




I have been wondering what's in the big building on Francis Street, Northbridge for quite some time. Dragon Palace in Northbridge offers a spacious, feng-shui proof atmosphere.
On strong recommendation by a Chinese colleague of mine, I went to Dragon Palace in a group of 10 people for dim-sum. The place was full but still comfortable enough as there are enough space between the tables.

Small number of trollerys worried me a little bit but the quality of food was very satisfying. Dragon Palace offers a wide variety of dim sum ranging from gyoza to chicken feet. Steamed dumpling and sticky rice were excellent.

Staff are friendly for a busy Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is big enough to host a large function and offers Karaoke upstairs. See the above web site address for further information.

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