Saturday, October 19, 2013

満足ブランチ – Hubbles Yard

Bread in Common に続き、今フリーマントルが面白い。イースト・フリーマントルのGeorge StreetHubbles Yardのブランチの噂を耳にしてすぐに駆けつけた。
Fremantle is the Oishi place of the month.  I drove to George Street in East Fremantle today as I heard about Hubbles Yard’s sensational brunch.


Hubbles Yard has relatively humble interior and its menu is about 20-30% cheaper than other popular cafes.  I wanted to try “Go Italian”, toasted ciabatta with mushroom, poached egg, ricotta and salad. While this is a vegetarian dish, it is very fulfilling. Balsamic glaze in its dressing bring up the flavour of all vegetables.


I stopped by at a farmers market on my way home to purchase all ingredients to recreate this dish for dinner. I am sure this will be added to a regular menu at home.

There are pancakes and eggs benedict on Hubbles Yard’s menu – worth trying next time.


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