Saturday, October 5, 2013

本格フレンチ – Jackson’s


Finally I had a chance to have dinner at Perth’s best French, Jackson’s. In fact, I was super excited about this occasion since I received an invitation 3 weeks ago.  It was a great evening to enjoy quality French with fresh Australian ingredients at a semi-private table towards the back of the restaurant.
This appetizer was served on a mini ice cream stand.

前菜はホタテ貝柱と生ハム。Entrée – Scallop and prosciutto. Nice.
メインは'本日のお魚‘Red Emperor’とパパイヤ・サラダ。Main – Fish of the day: Red emperor with papaya salad.
デザートはクリーム・ブリュレと抹茶マカロン。ちゃんと抹茶の味がしている。Dessert – Crème brulee with green tea macaron. The Macarons has real green tea (matcha) taste.

かなりお腹一杯であとはエスプッレッソだけ、と思ったら、最後のお茶菓子が。When I thought I only have a cup of expresso to go, petit four plate was served to accompany the coffee.

Staff’s service was fast and very efficient. It was amazing dinner and experience.


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