Saturday, October 12, 2013

フリーマントルの本格ベーカリー・カフェ – Bread in common

フリーマントルをドライブ中に偶然見つけたベーカリー・カフェBread in common。やたら人が集まっていたので、何かのイベントかと思ったほど。
It was a (very lucky) coincidence to find Bread in common, the latest bakery & café in Fremantle. It caught my attention as a lot of people were standing outside this new establishment while I was driving the area.

An old warehouse has been converted to this cool café. It serves locally sourced fresh ingredients and consists of café/dining, bakery and takeaway coffee bar. The huge open kitchen, an authentic oven to bake breads, quality food and coffee and very friendly staff score very highly on the Oishi Perth list.

I went there just after its opening. Customers just keep coming in as soon as it opens the door in the morning. Slow baked breads are available for takeaway.

This café makes me want to go to Fremantle every day. Very, very well done and managed. It is open till late at night. I pencilled in my diary for another visit next weekend.


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  1. The weekend west で紹介されていて評価が高かったので、私も先日行ってきました~。確かにクオリティが高い!ただ混んだいたせいか、コーヒーが冷めていたのが残念。パンを買って帰りましたが、かなり満足!とっても美味しかったです^^私も絶対リピします♪