Saturday, November 2, 2013

こだわりミルク - A2 Milk


A2 milk had an image of an expensive boutique style milk until I took a moment to read its label. Despite of ongoing milk war among major supermarkets, this A2 milk differentiates itself very well from the almost commodity market.

A2ミルクは 普通A1とA2型ベータカセイン・プロテインが混ざっているオーストラリアの牛乳とは違い、A2カゼイン・プロテインを産出する乳牛のみからできたミルク。消化器系に効果があるという研究もかなり行われている。食品安全委員会の情報によると、A2ミルクは子供の自閉症だけでなく、成人の統合失調症、糖尿病、心疾患を防ぐといわれている。

Most of Australian produced milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein protein but A2 milk comes from cows to produce A2 beta-casein protein. Many research have been conducted on A2 milk and it suggests that the A2 milk may be good for digestive system. Japan's Food safety commission reports that A2 milk may prevent autism among children, schizophrenia、diabetes and heart disease among adults.

価格帯は一番安いプライベート・ブランドの牛乳の約1.5-2倍 ($2.90-3.10). 味は他の牛乳とは少し違うが、だんだん癖になってくる。値段が高いせいか、いつも在庫過多ぎみだが、健康への効果が正式に証明されれば、もっと売れるのでは。毎日飲むミルクだからこそ、おいしくて体にいいものを選びたい。

Price range of A2 milk ($2.90 - $3.10) is about 1.5 to 2 times highers than private brand milk. A2 milk has its unique flavour and taste which I started to enjoy. While A2 milk seems to be overstocked at supermarkets, the demand will increase once its health benefits are proven. We drink milk every day. It is worthwhile to take time to choose something tasty and good for health.


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