Tuesday, November 26, 2013

待ち焦がれたイタリアン - Jamie's Italian

2ヶ月前に予約してJamie's Italianで窓際のテーブル席を確保。こんなに待ち時間が長いと期待がさらに拡がる。
I made a booking 2 month in advance to secure a table near the window at Jamie's Italian. The longer you wait, the more special the dining experience becomes.

オーストラリアには3軒しかないJamie's Italian。その1軒がパースにあるなんてラッキー。パース店は開店数ヵ月後もまだ常に一杯。
There are three Jamie's Italian restaurants in Australia. How lucky it is to have one of the restaurants in Perth. Jamie;s Italian Perth opened its door some time ago but it is still full with customers every single day.

We ordered a bread basket in stead of entree to finish the lunch during the weekday lunch break. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar went very week with the rustic breads.

Grilled salmon was my main dish. The colourful side salad was also great with a mixture of fresh flavours. The accompanying beetroot enhanced the flavour of the salmon very nicely.

My colleagues ordered cannelloni and beef rolls. The colour and flavour of parmesan cheese was worth noting. To my disappointment, we run out of time to have desserts.

I want to go back to Jamie's Italian as soon as possible. The prices are reasonable. It may be a good idea to make multiple bookings in advance.


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