Saturday, November 16, 2013

シティの朝食 - Gordon Street Garage

日曜日に早起きして、朝一番でWest PerthのGordon Street Garageへ。週末もかなり混むのでできるでけ早い時間に行って正解。コーヒーの抽出法の説明書がメニューとともにおいてあるのが嬉しい。

I woke up early on Sunday to go to Gordon Street Garage in West Perth. It was a good call to go there early as this popular cafe becomes crowded very quickly despite of its large dining area. How fascinating to see a note on coffee brewing method on each table!


I ordered Grilled mushroom and brie cheese on sourdough toast with rockets and poached eggs. It is an amazing mix, particularly mushroom and brie!

There are many other breakfast items such as corn fritters.


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