Saturday, January 19, 2013

シティのシュニッツェル-the Cutting board

シティのBrookfield Placeのフードコートにあるthe Cutting boardではニューヨーク・スタイルのサンドイッチが食べられる。前から気になっていたシュニツェル・サンドイッチ。厚みがあるのにしっかり火が通っていて嬉しい。次はプレート料理で温野菜と一緒に食べよう。

The Cutting board, located at Brookfield Place's food court, offers New York style sandwiches. I always looked for their Schnitzel everytime I walked past there. It is thick and juicy but well cooked. I had their Schnitzel in a sandwich today. Perhaps I would go for a plate with vegetables next time.

Other slow cooked meats are also tempting. It is a cheap but heavy lunch option.


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