Friday, January 25, 2013

大阪のイタリアンとフレンチ - Italian & French in Osaka


Based on a quick comparative research on Italian and French restaurants in Osaka, I think Italian suits Osaka better. The number of good Italian restaurants has increased over the recent years as well. Generous serving size and bright colour of foods may be appealing to Osaka customers.


Whereas French restaurants in Osaka may need localize its strategy to address the needs of consumers in Osaka. After all, this is Japan's merchant capital. Value for money component is highly valued by many. I managed to have lunch at a popular French restaurant that has booked up for the next 3 month. Well, it took me 15 seconds to finish entree and 1min to finish the second course.  I admit that the ambiance, service and attention to details were excellent but I ended up having a second lunch after the French lunch.

See below for the information on Osaka, known as "Nation's kitchen"

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