Saturday, January 12, 2013

バリ島のブランチ - Mulia Bali

有名なSt Regisのブランチの予約が取れなかったので、お隣のMulia Baliの日曜ブランチへ。ジャカルタへ行くと必ず訪れるMuliaのバリ版で、Nusa Duaの比較的静かな場所にどんっと要塞風のホテルがそびえ立っている。2012年12月1日オープンというからまだ新しい。

As the famous Sunday brunch at St Regis was fully booked, I went to Mulia Bali for the brunch. Mulia, a usual dining spot when I visit Jakarta, opened its Bali hotel on 1 Dec 2012. The massive hotel complex is located in a quite area of Nusa Dua.


The decor of the hotel complex is fantastic but the biggest (pleasant) surprise of this hotel was the Sunday brうnch at "the Cafe" - the biggest and the best I've ever experienced. A number of meal stations offer multinational cuisine prepared with great care. Its dessert section is as big as a normal cake shop.

サラダ・バーではチューブに入ったバルサミコ酢やオリブ・オイルを選べる。Balsamic vinegar and olive oil are available in a tube as the salad bar.                             バリへ行ったら必ず行きたいレストランだ。Sunday brunch at Mulia is a must go in Bali.

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