Monday, August 1, 2011

おいしいイギリス-Crisitini in Paddington


It was worth travelling 20hours from Perth to London as I was able to dine at a cosy but traditional Italian restaurant near Paddington Station.

Entree was salmon tartar. It was my intention to have as much cold fish as possible to make most of my stay in UK - It is extremely difficult to find a quality cold fish in Perth. Caviar on the side created a perfectly balanced harmony and texture to the dish.

Cherry tomato and bocconcini cheese were also available as entree.
I chose a pasta dish as main. Chicken/spanich filled raviolli was accompanied by the right amount of tomato sauce to enhance rich flavour of pasta/fillings.

Tiramisu was deinitely one of the top 3 tiramisues I've ever tasted. Fresh rasberries (bought fresh from a local market in the morning) add a slighl acidity to sweet mascarpone to differenciate Cristini's tiramisu from others. 
A great laugh and insghtful conversation with friends made the dinner even tastier. After all, great company is the most important factor for a dinner to remember. What a fantastic way to finish a busy day.

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