Sunday, September 30, 2012

ロイヤル・ショー- Perth Royal Show

1年に1度のパースのお祭りRoyal Showは交通渋滞ができるほどの大盛況。遊園地エリアやカントリーの動物ショー・コンテストが人気だが、数年前にトライしたお菓子作りコンテストの状況を伺いに行った。
Perth Royal Show, the annual event in Perth, is extremely popular with locals. Amusement park rides and animal shows attracted many from all over Western Australia, but the aim of today's visit is to investigate the current status of cookery competition. It's been 2-3 years since I entered for the first time.

Under a strict judging, top 3 rankings are announced for each category. Banana cake, carrot cake and fruit cake categories seemed very competitive.

There was no way I could make time to participate this year but the visit to the Cooking pavilion was so inspiring, I am considering double entries of baking and jam making next year.



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