Sunday, September 23, 2012

週末のフリーマントル - The Attic

久々にパースでゆっくりできる週末は朝早くフリーマントルへ。カプチーノ通りから入れる裏道Bannister Streetにあるthe Atticは既に朝食の活気で一杯。
It's been a while to have a quiet weekend in Perth. An early morning trip to Fremantle led to a coffee break at the Attic. The Attic is located on Bannister Street, just off Capucinno strip.

The cafe offers a range of home made favourites, making it difficult to choose from. Coffee is good as well

The attic 2階はアートな雰囲気漂うインテリアで、レトロな椅子に座ってゆっくり時間が過ごせる。
Arty attic area and old-fashioned chairs generate great relaxed feel.


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