Saturday, September 8, 2012

おいしいイギリス - Gourmet walk to Marylebone

ロンドンでの週末のグルメ散歩。蝋人形の館近くにあるMarylebone High Streetへ。ブティックやおいしいお店が立ち並ぶ落ち着いたローカルに人気のあるエリア。Oxford streetの人だかりや観光スポット的な場所を避けたい時に最高。
Destination of Sunday gourmet walk is Marylebone High Street - not to far from the Maddame Tussands. Marylebone High street is popular among the locals and many boutique stores and restaurants are located in this area. A great spot to stay away from busy Oxford Street.

ニュージーランドやイギリスで人気シェフのお店The Providoresの併設カフェTapa Roomは開店直後から行列ができる人気のお店。朝食メニューが充実していて、1人でもグループでも利用しやすいインテリア。
The Providores is run by Peter Gordon (co-owner) who is a well known chef in London and New Zealand. People line up outside Tapa Room - The Providores' casual cafe, shortly after its opening time. Tapa room offers an extensive breakfast menu and is popular with single or group of local customers.

食後はすぐ裏にあるMarylebone farmers marketを見学。
To finish off the Sunday gourmet walk, I took a short walk to the Marylebone Farmers market - held every Sunday just down the road from the Providores.


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