Wednesday, March 6, 2013

シティのビストロ - The Heritage

ずっと気になっていたシティのThe Heritage。金曜の夜に軽く食事をすることに。隣のTrustees pubに比べ、店内はずっと静か。Print Hallへぞろぞろと入っていく人達の観察もできて面白い。やっとパースにもこういうエリアができた。
Finally, I had a chance to go to the Heritage for a light meal on Friday night. The restaurant is much quieter (in terms of noise level) compared to its next door, Trustees pub. You can enjoy "people watching" as many people walk past the Heritage to go to Print Hall Bar. It's been a long time coming to establish this type of cosmopolitan area in Perth.

Roasted truss tomatoes, spanish onion, oregano, capers, tuna mayonnaise, side menu, is a must to try at this bistro. Tuna mayonnaise has beans, hummos like texture and I could dip just about anything in the mayonnaise.

Continental Deli plate was quite enjoyable to eat/share but more cheese would perfect this plate. Perhaps additional cheese (maybe camenbert?) may be the solution to enjoy this plate.


The Heritage's menu also caters for senior dinner including steak dishes. Seafood, as displayed in a window showcase, seems to be popular as well.

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