Thursday, March 21, 2013

DJサラダ - David Jones Salad bar

It is very hard to find a lunch spot in the City on Sundays. Most of the popular cafes are closed on Sunday. It is particularly difficult to have late lunch on Sunday.

そんな日曜の午後に思いついたDavid Jonesのフードホールのサラダ・バー。平日は人で一杯で待ち時間が長いが、日曜こそゆっくり選べて食べられる。クリエイティブなサラダがたくさんあって嬉しい。
Such challenge of Sunday lunch took me to David Jones Salad bar. What a great idea. This salad bar is very busy during a week and you need to risk long waiting time. Sunday is the best day to try a wide range of creative salad items there.

特大マグカップでのカプチーノも感激。Cappuccino in a mug - highly recommended.


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