Sunday, June 17, 2012

究極のバター- Lurpak

Robのおいしいsourdoughを食べるにはバターにも気を使う。スーパーで入るLurpakは他の市販バターに比べて価格は少し高めだが、一度culture butterを使うと他のバターは食べられなくなってしまう。
It is important to choose a quality butter to enjoy Rob's sourdough. Lurpak, available at most supermarkets, is an ultimate butter to go with quality bread. It is a bit pricey compared to other 'normal' butters but it's worth spendning a little extra.  These is no going back once switched to a culture butter.

Cultured Butter is butter made from cream that is cultured with active bacteria (similar to yogurt) and has a distinctive, slightly tangy taste (source: / Stock up in your fridge!


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  1. スーパーで見かけるけど、ずっと わからずに買わずにいました。 早速買いに行ってきます! 教えて下さって ありがとうございます♪