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おいしいギフト案 - Rochelle Adonis

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It is quite difficult to find a gift for overseas visitors. You may spend a lot of time looking for Kangaroos and Koala toys, only to find they are made in China. I also wonder if it is worth getting"PERTH" T-shirts for Japanese people who have a privilege of having Uniqlo within 30min drive.

今回はイギリスの友人へのお土産に、知る人ぞ知るRochelle Adonisのヌガーを購入。いくつか種類があるので迷うが、必ずRose Petal Barberry Pistachio はセレクトしたい。イラン産のオーガニック・ローズの花びらとピスタチオが入って見かけもゴージャス。ピンクダイアモンドやKailisパールが法人ギフト用に使うのも納得できる。

After days of desk top research, I decided to purchase Rochelle Adonis' famous nougat for my family friend in England. There are several varieties but it is worth getting Rose Barberry Pistachio. Rochelle uses Iranian organic rose petals and dried barberries, Belgian white chocolate, slow-roasted pistachios and west Australian honey. What else do you want. It looks gorgeous. No wonder why Argyle Pink Diamonds and Kailis Pearls choose Rochelle Adonis for their corporate gifts.

土曜の12時前は$45のHigh teaを予約した客が既に到着し、小さな店内が賑わっている。ケーキやパイもテイクアウェイ購入できる。海外に持っていくお土産は6ヶ月は常温で保存できるヌガーがベスト。

High tea customers ($45 p/p) were already at the tiny store before 12pm. You can takeaway cakes and pies but nougat would be the best pick as a gift as it last 6month in room temperature. Regular cooking classes are also available at the store.


Rochelle Adonis
193 Brisbane Street Northbridge, WA

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