Wednesday, August 15, 2012

こってりデザート - E Cucina

シティのCentral ParkビルにあるE Cucinaで久々に食事をしたら、おいしいデザートを発見。ヘルシー、低脂肪などのキーワードとは全く正反対のモカ・ブリュレとバナナドーナツ。比較的小さいサイズなので食べやすい。

It's been a while since I had dinner at E Cucina, located at the Central Park building in Perth. Mocha brûlée and banana donuts (this dessert has nothing to do with being healthy/low fat) was fantastic. It comes in a relatively small portion to avoid the risk of feeling 'guilty'.

いつもデザートから話を始めてしまうが、メインメニューも結構おいしかった。Dessert always starts an article in this blog but main was pretty good too.


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